Get ready for LaTeXworkshop

While arranging a workshop on LaTeX what you need to do?
Lab arrangements

1) Install LaTeX :  There are many flavours of LaTeX. TeXlive is one of the best LaTeX flavour. One can download it from TUG site.

2) Install IDE for LaTeX: Some of the famous IDE are Kile on linux, TeXmaker on Linux, and other O.S.

TeXworks is one of the best IDE I have seen as you can view the output side by your code. TeX works is good for beginners to advance level.

In case every thing else fails ShareLaTeX is online option for editing and compiling LaTeX documents.

3) Please make sure that you have install beamer class as well as IEEEtran class.

  • beamer is useful for preparation of presentations.
  • IEEEtran is for research paper writing as per the  IEEE standards.

4) Please check internet for any problem of installation, compilation, documentation etc. There are many many sites who provides support, there are many mailing list for latex support.

5) Make sure that LCD projector, Screen and sound system (if required) is ready in the lab.



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