Scilab: quick ref card

Scilab is an Open source software for numerical computing. website:

Scilab is very useful for engineering students and professionals.

It can handle data in matrix format.  Operations can be directly done on matrix. It can handle polynomials in one variable.

Here is the quick ref card for scilab : scilab- quick -sheet

A few graphics generated by scilab:

contoufig    subplot-sinxvectorfieldvectfldcosxyfplot3d1 fig3dx3


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  1. Posted by Sanjeev Gahlot on November 14, 2014 at 8:45 am

    The “Scilab:Quick Sheet” is really useful and much sought after data which would save software developers to frequently refer to Scilab Books which at times takes a lot of time & attention away from the software being developed.


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