Sharing of knowledge is really a fun.

Sharing of knowledge is really a fun. When you share you should get fun, satisfaction in return.

Therefore from last 10 years I am conducting training programs for College teachers for LaTeX, the beautiful typesetting system.

Earlier people were attending such programs as per their own interest. It was really enjoyable experience.

In any workshop based on FOSS technology, I am trying that participants should become capable of 

  • Learn how to learn software on their own, that will help them to work on their research  or project
  • Try to find out errors on their own, that way they will learn to help themselves
  • Try to understand what is going on and why? No spoon feeding
  • Help other participants, so that they will learn more and will understand the benefit of sharing knowledge.
  • Related important websites
  • Mailing lists

How ever, day by day it is becoming difficult to conduct course on LaTeX.

In Maharashtra, India, there is lot of requirements coming from various places. How ever, they want to attend the course so that either they get certificate or credit of the workshop in terms of marks.

70% participants are due to that.

So quality of participants is very poor. No one want to try on their own. There are no interesting questions from the participants.

They do not want to give try, or don’t want to discuss among other participants. It is very frustrating. 😦

They don’t want to learn how to learn on their own.
Here are points I observed:

  • If local organizer is keen on the better participation, the workshop becomes enjoyable
  • If management of other technical resources planned carefully, workshop takes better form

Local organizer requires true wish to take care of these things.
Recently I have 2 good workshops. One of which was in Abeda Inamdar college, Pune and other was in Bhopal, RGPV.

Anyways, I came to conclusion that if I want to share knowledge, I should write some document, book and make it available for my satisfaction.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rajeshkumar on August 13, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Hi I want to learn LaTex, please let me know if you know’s any institute for learning, also mail to me if you can mail id is:


    • Posted by manjushajoshi on August 14, 2013 at 1:44 am

      You can conduct LaTeX workshop at your institute. I may come down as a resource person. 🙂


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