Workshop on LaTeX , Scilab and SAGE

There was workshop on LaTeX, Scilab and SAGE in end of Nov.,12 at Abeda Inamdar College, Pune jointly organized by Dept. of Maths, University of Pune.

There were sessions on Maxima and GAP. SAGE, Maxima, GAP are very useful software for researchers in Mathematis.

Since  through SAGE one can use software like Maxima, Scilab, GAP  and many other scientific FOSS (Free Open source Software).

  •  Sage: Number Theory, Calculus,  Graphics, Symbolic computing, Linear Algebra, talks  by Prof. Mangal Narlikar,  Prof. Katre, Prof. Pingle, Prof. Siamwalla, Prof. AjitKumar, Mumbai and Manjusha Joshi, Pune.
  • Maxima: symbolic computation, true alternative to Mathematica, talks by Prof. Pawale, Mumbai Univeristy
  • GAP: Algebra, Group Theory, talk by Vikas Jadhav, BP, Pune
  • Scilab : Numerical Computations, talk by Prof. Katre, Prof. Pingle, Prfo. Madhu Belur, IITBombay and  Manjusha Joshi, Pune.
  • LaTeX: Scientific writing, talk by Manjusha Joshi and Prof. Pawale


These software supports exact calculations, Number theoretic calculations, algebraic calculations, graphs.

Image There is  a lot of material, documentation available on internet about these software. There were nice session on all these software. Lab was set up on Ubuntu linux. And participants enjoyed working on Linux as there was no problem of virus. 

Set up of local wiki was done so that participants can immediately get presentations and other documents on their pen drives. We conducted online LaTeX test with the help of moodle(  software. After end of the exam every one could see their performance.

The workshop arranged mainly for Maths college teachers and researchers from Pune university.

Thanks to Dept. of Maths, Pune Univeristy and Abeda Inamdar College for conducting such a wonderful workshop. Participants around 40.




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