FOSS entered in Pune School

In the first week of the school, we got a pleasant surprise. School started using Linux in their computer lab. Not only that, the teacher told students about the word FOSS, Linux Kernel.

Teachers got training from IIT Bombay in this vacations. The school is going to use Computer Masti research product of IITB.
Computer Masti is meant for teaching computers to children. Book on Computer Masti: Lessons and Activities in this book are based on free and open source software – the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

In the last academic year, my daughter was working with preparation of presentation as a part of her school project work. She took my pen drive to store her work. After using the pen drive in the one pc at the school she was not able to open it on the other pc in the school again since, it is all the time showing virus on it. Her other school met when used their affected pen drives at house. Their home pcs affected with virus. Only our home pc was safe since there is Mandriva Linux. Her friends came to know about it.

They all started wishing that school should have Linux to avoid virus problem. And their wish turns into the reality. šŸ™‚

When school teacher went to IIT Bombay for training of Computer Masti.. They met a past student of the school in IITB. Teacher obviously asked her, which operating system you used Linux or XXX? She said Linux.

Teacher asked: In the school you learnt other system XXX, how difficult you find to work on Linux after that?
Student said: No problem while working with Linux. On the other hand the student said : we hate the other system XXX.


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