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Mandriva spring 2010 with Scientific software

Mandriva Spring 2010 will be released by 3rd June, 2010.
It is coming up with Many Mathematical applications like GAP, SAGE, Macaulay2 etc.
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Talk on R

* Lecture series for promotion of Open source Maths software *

under the Project on `Use of Open source software for Teaching Maths‘, supported by MHRD at BP.

Topic: Demo Talk on R, software for analyzing and visualizing DATA

Speaker: Dr. Surendran,

Date: 29th May 2010

Venue: Bhaskracharya Pratishthana, (

Time: 3.00-4.30

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Here are more problems

Found Project Euler interesting, for those who are in search of new problems

Foss Workshop in July 26-30 for beginnners at BP, Pune

Foss Workshop will help to start with

Mathematics teachers from Colleges across the country (India) will be given preference.

More FOSS list for scientific computing is here is